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Not easy and not fast...

2011-03-27 06:15:04 by KnockPainter

Today I start working on my first animation project.
A lot of work and plans as well.

The storyboard is ready and picked up some musical material.
First, without color. A few simple pieces, and then see what happens next...

Not easy and not fast...

Today I want to tell you about the incredible video. Almost a film that was made by MetroLight Studios.
Few people know about it. And it's really bad, because it was done really great and professional job.

It`s true story of the beginning of the Stanley Ipkiss, which was... welll... not the nicest guy in town.

This comic film consists of four parts. Also there is a sequel - "Mask Justice"(8), where mask falls into the hands of Lt. Mitch Kellaway.

Anyway as my hobby - to translate this comic on Russian, so I can afford this thing.

Enjoy, folks.

Here it is my first day todaaayyyy on Newgrounds!

2011-03-12 15:42:32 by KnockPainter

If it makes any difference... But I'm not not quite sure about this.

Future, here I come!) :B